I quit my job today.

And no, I don’t have some cool story to back it up like “I quit my job to travel the world.”

I just quit because I could tell it wasn’t the right position for me right now, and I am pretty much only posting this to be able to look back on later.

I was working as a Digital Marketing Specialist with a marketing agency. (After getting laid off from my job in magazines in June, I returned to working as a Barista and job hunting – I found this job, and I thought it was right. But the truth is, I had applied to a bunch of jobs and then took the first one that hired me. It wasn’t completely what I wanted in a job, but I figured it was still “better” than just working as a Barista.)

There was nothing wrong with my boss or the job so to say, other than I wish they had hired two of me (like they were supposed to, but only hired me). It was contract work, so my hours were all over the place – and it didn’t end up working out to be full days of pay, so I was still working as a Barista part-time. My work/life balance was all out of wack. The job ended up being quite over-whelming, and I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked to be because of it. Bottom line: I just wasn’t happy, and as a result, I wasn’t doing a good job.

I’d been wanting to quit for a while, but I was arguing with myself about it. I thought – maybe I should stick it out a bit longer, maybe I should wait until I find something else. I wanted to find something full-time where I could quit this contract position and my job as a Barista.

I finally settled on quitting the marketing job, picking up more hours as a Barista, and job hunting – but taking the job hunting more seriously. I am only going to apply for jobs that make more sense to me.


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