Getting laid off

Well, I was laid off today, and for some reason it made me want to get into blogging like I’ve been planning for a while. (I know it’s likely not a very exciting time to start blogging, but I also didn’t think that moving to Victoria was “exciting enough” to blog about at the time, and now I wish I had done so the entire time I was there.)

There are a number of emotions that come with being laid off, especially when you loved the job – as I did. I was a “Social Media and Content Coordinator” for a magazine publishing company. I ran the social media accounts, as well as photographed and wrote for the different magazines. It is to be expected that it is the kind of position that gets cut when finances are tight. I had kind of seen this coming. Well, they didn’t necessarily make me feel like it was coming, but I thought it might happen at some point. My boss asked me to come to her office, and then told me “we have some bad news for you” and I knew.

I honestly wasn’t upset or stressed out, and this is the kind of situation that would have made me lose my mind before. I don’t like not knowing what I’m doing next, or not having a job. My boss did it nicely, told me that it had nothing to do with my abilities, and left me with an extra two weeks’ pay and a recommendation letter. So I can’t be mad at them. I enjoyed my time working there, but I’m mostly thankful for having gotten the experience at all.

As for what’s next? I guess we’ll find out!


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