Meet Kira <3

I have been thinking and talking about actually “starting” to blog – where I post on a regular basis, not just every few months or so when I have something interesting to say. The biggest challenge has been “where do I start?” so I figured I have to just go for it – and what better place to start than to introduce you to my dog? (Some of my ideas include dogs and “dog mom” type things, anyway. 🙂


Kira is a 2-year-old pitbull/bull terrier cross, and THE biggest suck. She always needs to be cuddled, pet, and the centre of attention. She’s the happiest little creature I have ever met.

Kira came into my life when I started seeing my boyfriend, a little over a year ago – though I’ve known them both longer than that. (She is technically his dog, but we live together and he now works out of town – so I’ve claimed her as my own =P). She has been an absolute ray of sunshine in my life.

I have tons of ideas for Kira-related posts, (and non-Kira related posts) but I will leave it at this for the time being.





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